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***Welcome on official Page Music Clarinet Ensemble Prachatice***


                                                                                                                    The Forevord...

     Welcome to the Website of the Clarinet Ensemble Prachatice. New image, new styling, a new CD. Thus can be summed up our cutting edge file. Music knows no boundaries, and perhaps this is why her help understand each other everywhere. In today's hectic time has warm tones of music as a cure for all the negative pitfalls, to which each of us certainly meets. The main and common goal of our group is to communicate the positive mood of our audience and sweeten them a few moments of their lives. Music connects us therefore actually creates simultaneously a lasting friendship, which has already several years of durability and success.


     The Clarinet Ensemble Prachatice  - the Czech Clarinet Quartet, which was created on October 6, 2006 in the town of Prachatice in South Bohemia (Czech Republic). It is a chamber music ensemble, which was soon incorporated into the cultural awareness of the city. The members of the ensemble are clarinettists: Jan Hovorka, Petr Chalupsky, Tomáš Janoušek, Jiří Pecka and Petra Sovová (Kůsová) - singing. He has performed over two hundred performances in many places in the Czech Republic and abroad (Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, France, Poland) for his ten-year existence. He holds 15 gold and 3 silver awards from European music festivals (2011-2018: Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria), Title 1.Laureate of Fesival Culture-Karavan (Poland) and Title 2. Laureate of the FestArt Festival (Austria). He also attended the Wind of Music festival in Jönköping (2009 and 2010) and the Deutsches Musikfest 2013 International Festival. In the Czech Republic, he has brought the Audience Award as the most successful ensemble of the 2009 Chamber Charts Show in Nové Hrady. He regularly attends vernissage of visual artists, initiates significant events and illustrates musically. The repertoire is the Clarinet ensemble Prachatice versatile interpretations of classicism, romanticism, 20th century music, swing, adaptations of film and musical music to jazz tunes in their own arrangements and arrangements. He works closely with music composer and pedagogue František Jančík. He has six music CDs on his account. An important part is concert and artistic activity for the public, which is very intensive and happy to meet with its listeners and supporters. Learn more about each of our links to our website. We wish you a nice time on our website.      

Your Clarinet Ensemble Prachatice.

                                So far as have interest about our production, hesitate and contact us. Like you anytime and everywhere play. Contact Adress:   

                      Jan Hovorka, The Clarinet Ensemble Pracharice, Husinecká 15, Prachatice, 38301, Czech Republic, tel, +420723070792, e.mail: jan-hovorka@seznam.cz  www.kspt.cz



                                                           Repertoire of Clarinet Ensemble Prachatice:


       Our repertoire reaches its traces a history of classical music compositions to date on Boogy Woogy style of today's modern compositions. Hungarian Dance No. 5 -. Within the range of romantic music can provide a set of well-known song by Johannes Brahms. Special emotional 'La Desert d' Almeria 'reveals the beauty of the clarinet sound. Also cheap and romantic Träumerai of Robert Schumann. Equally interesting is the song Close To You by Bert Bacharach. Jazz-region, inter alia, the song Take Five by Paul Desmond. The repertoire also missing songs Renaissance music by Adam Václav Michna of Otradovic or classic swing songs in the form of New York, represented New York and My Way from the repertoire of Frank Sinatra. Among the other songs and pieces of course not miss the famous composition of Vittorio Monti - Czardas - Monti Czardas as here, gypsy melodies of František Jančík or Theme Antonin Dvorak - From the New World / Largo, Musical - The Phantom of the opera (ALWebber), the Pink Panther, Ave Maria (F. Schubert), Summertime (George Gerschwine), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem, Dinertimenten, music from Lord of the Rings movie, Sonata No. 3 in G major -., the "Air "by Johann Sebastian Bach, What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, and many, many others.

    We also play deieTitelsonge for Christmas (Panis Angelicus - C.Frank, Silent Night of F.X.Gruber and others.). Authors who writes for a clarinet music: - Jindřich Czerny, Gordon Jacob, Jacob places field - based on their own set of copyright songs and songs written especially for us. The compositions -. N.1-4 rotation, Panegyric Chorale (A festive Chorale). An example of this collaboration with music composer František Jančík that, I thank you in this way is brought to you for on the way. Special Reage music is the composition Jamburai in the style of Brazilian Samba, Good Morning Blues, Heaven on Earth - in the mix Jaroslav Jezek, Swing regulations Sicilianne - the subject of the dance of Italy, March - written by the 19th century, Par Le Monde - Ragtime from France, the world folk songs, Czech folk songs and funny French composition by Antonio Banzini - Feuillet "album", a Traditional Auld Lang Syne (If all day evening), the songs of musical group the Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four, Time To Say Good Bye (Con Te Partiro),  Nessun Dorma and - interpretations of famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Musical and filmmaking complete song Phantom of the Opera Andrea Lloyd Webber, The Lord of the Rings (Lord of the Rings), Howard Shore, Cantina Band John Williams of Massachusetts Upon In The West (Once Upon a Time in the West) - Ennio Morricone song Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World Steviho Wonder Sir Duke and others. the repertoire is also Seranade Moonlight Glenn Miller or Bohemian Rhapsody by Fredy Mercury and groups Quen.


                                                                          Listen to myself our recording. Visit link : "Audiogalerie"  / recording /


Members of Clarinet Ensemble:

       Mgr. Jan Hovorka, dipl. um. -  clarinet

  Born 5. 4. 1987 in Prachatice. Alumnus conservatory in České Budějovice and college of education branch game on clarinet in České Budějovice at teacher MgA. Václav Hruška.  Member music band TopBand, Libkovanka, and other chamber ensemble.

      Petr Chalupský -  clarinet

  Born on 12 7 1991 Prachatice. Studied Pedagogical School in Prachatice, Universty in Budweis. Graduate of music school Prachatice.

       Ing.Tomáš Janoušek -  clarinet

  Born 2 10 1991 in Prachatice. Studied mechanics middle school, University of České Budějovice.. Graduate from music school in Prachatice.

      Jiří Pecka - bassclarinet, clarinet

 Born on 20.4. 1999 in  Prachatice. Studied construction middle school in Vimperk, Graduate from music schoola graduate  in Prachatice. Member music band  Vivat Joe - basquitar. 

     Mgr.Petra Sovová (Kůsová) - singining

College graduate of Pedagogig University of České Budějovice ( Music - Czrch Language), Members Music Gruppe - Pěčnovanka and ofthers.